About Stenhouse

History and Mission

Stenhouse Publishers started in 1993 with two employees in a one-room attic walk-up in York, Maine. That fall we published 6 titles. Today, more than a two dozen employees work in our offices in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and have a catalog of more than 400 books and resources.

Stenhouse recognizes and embraces the complexity of teaching and learning. We are devoted to helping teachers inspire deep and creative thinking in their students.

Stenhouse is guided by these core beliefs:

  • All students can learn to think independently and critically.
  • Effective teaching is achievable at any level of experience and in any classroom environment.
  • Teachers make the best instructional decisions for the students in their care when they are equipped with knowledge, supported by colleagues, and respected as professionals.

Our products model the collaborative and reflective relationships that foster deep learning and elevate teacher excellence.

Stenhouse is part of the Highlights for Children family of companies.

About Lawrence Stenhouse

Lawrence Stenhouse was an original, provocative, and influential British educational thinker. He possessed that rare ability to make connections between seemingly disparate ideas, and to put them together to create something new.

Lawrence's respect for teachers and students, and acknowledgment of the empowering role of education, profoundly affected anyone who worked with him—including Stenhouse cofounder and former editorial director, Philippa Stratton. Lawrence Stenhouse died in 1981.