Building Fact Fluency

A Toolkit for Addition & Subtraction

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For years, teachers have been asking students to memorize their math facts, but somewhere between asking students to memorize their math facts in elementary school and then expecting students to use facts in practice, something isn’t transferring. It’s for that reason math specialist, Graham Fletcher, and district math coach, Tracy Johnston Zager, created Building Fact Fluency: A Toolkit for Addition & Subtraction—a comprehensive, research-based toolkit designed to help students learn math facts by developing deep, conceptual understanding and engaging in purposeful practice.

In the new Building Fact Fluency: A Toolkit for Addition & Subtraction, Graham and Tracy help students learn their math facts by developing deep, conceptual understanding and procedural fluency at the same time. This comprehensive, research-based toolkit provides everything a teacher needs to help students develop number sense on the way to fluency—from cards, games, and videos to online resources, a facilitator’s guide, and hundreds of highly-engaging activities and tasks. Access sample lessons and videos. Building Fact Fluency: A Toolkit for Multiplication & Division is also available.

What’s Inside

Facilitator’s Guide
The Facilitator’s Guide offers a comprehensive overview of the toolkit, including detailed chapters describing the components, implementation tips, possible uses in different settings, and embedded assessment strategies.

Image Talks Flipchart (For Small Groups)
This small-group resource includes 21 sets of colorful, engaging photographs of everyday objects that are used in the Image Talks routine—a visual, inviting warm-up designed to begin the strategy discussion.

Tool Talks Flipchart (For Small Groups)
The 21 sets of photographs in the Tool Talks flipchart provide opportunities for small groups to connect meaning-making to slightly more abstract math tools such as dice or dominoes.

Games for Purposeful Practice (For Whole Class or Small Groups)
The toolkit contains 29 highly-engaging games and materials including:

  • 29 different demonstration gameboards
  • 13 card decks* containing 5-, 10-, and double 10-frame cards
  • 500 playing counters
  • 39 10-sided dice
  • 39 6-sided dice

*Additional card decks available for purchase in packages of 5.

What’s Online

Each toolkit includes access to a robust Companion Website that includes a variety of downloadable, printable, and projectable resources for whole-class and small-group use:

Anchor Problems
32 problems provided in projectable and printable formats (in English and Spanish).

Contextualized Practice Problems
243 story problems that can be projected and printed (in English and Spanish).

Number Talks
31 powerful, short, mental math routines in which students talk about different ways they solve computation problems.

Image Talks
Projectable versions of the 21 sets of photographs in the Image Talks flipchart plus an additional 28 sets—a total of 255 individual images!

Tool Talks
All 21 sets of the photographs included in the Tool Talks flipchart plus 24 additional sets online—226 full-color images in all.

Student Recording Sheets
Downloadable sheets for students to record their work and reflections.

3-Act Math Task Videos
Engaging, story-based problems for select contexts (one per Strategy included).

Professional Learning Videos
More than 25 videos containing classroom lessons and reflections, game demonstrations, and assessment strategies, including:

  • Observations and Interviews
  • Looking at Student Work
  • Journaling and Reflection
  • Student Self-Assessment 


Fact fluency is not an add-on—it's an integral part of learning arithmetic with deep understanding.


—Graham Fletcher


About the Author(s)

Graham Fletcher has served in education as a classroom teacher, math instructional lead, and currently as a math specialist. Graham’s work with the math progressions and problem-based lessons has led him to present throughout North America and beyond.


Tracy has worked in many schools over the course of her career, first as a fourth-grade teacher, then as a supervisor of preservice teachers and their inservice mentors, and currently as a math coach. Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had grew out of Tracy’s work in classrooms, where she's most in her element, learning together with teachers and students over time.