Reading Doesn't Matter Anymore...

Shattering the Myths of Literacy

In this timely, wise, and often witty book, eminent educator and author David Booth argues that teachers must redefine reading as an activity that embraces the needs and interests of students. Reading isn't just about Dick and Jane or great literature any more: it's about the Internet, comic books, technical manuals, graphic novels, iPods, and much more.

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Booth outlines twelve simple steps to help teachers and parents alike revolutionize the way they view—and encourage—children's reading in all kinds of genres and formats. He argues forcefully that we must:

  • redefine what reading means;

  • include comics, magazines, manuals, along with novels in our reading programs;

  • understand that technology is part of the new literacy;

  • remember that story is the heart of literacy;

  • help students build strong reading muscles;

  • value the reading responses of young people;

  • view writing as literacy;

  • recognize the different ages and stages of individuals;

  • explore how words work;

  • turn printed texts into active learning;

  • focus on literacy in every subject;

  • welcome youngsters into the culture of literacy.

In some very personal reflections, the author reveals the decisive moments in his life that have shaped his approach to reading and learning. Lively anecdotes throughout the book create a highly readable narrative that makes a compelling case for recognizing the unique value of reading…almost anything.

The book concludes with over a hundred literacy events that celebrate reading not just in school, but the world beyond.


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About the Author(s)

David Booth was the Coordinator of Elementary Programs at OISE/University of Toronto. For more than twenty-five years he worked with teachers in creating, applying, and evaluating approaches to how children learn to read and write. As a classroom teacher, consultant, speaker, and writer, he delighted thousands with his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. He has given hundreds of speeches and workshops throughout North America, Australia, and England and has appeared on dozens of television and radio programs.


Table of Contents

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"Reading Doesn't Matter Anymore..." Unless we:
1. Expand our definition of literacy
2. Include comics, magazines, poems, songs, manuals, and novels as part of reading
3. Understand the use of technology as literacy
4. Remember that story is the heart of literacy
5. Help students build strong reading muscles
6. Value the reading responses of young people
7. View writing as literacy
8. Recognize the ages and stages of individuals
9. Explore how words work
10. Turn printed texts into active learning
11. Focus on literacy in every subject
12. Welcome kids into the culture of literacy
101 Literacy Events



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